Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

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Wondering if your EV is due for an electric car oil change near Lakeland? Perhaps you’re wondering, “Do electric cars need oil?”. Electric cars do not require oil to run properly. That said, they do require transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid. Read on to learn more! Then, if your EV needs upkeep in Plant City, explore the service specials at Stingray Chevrolet and reach out to schedule an appointment

Fluids to Change on Electric Vehicles 

Do electric cars use oil? Do electric cars need oil changes? As we mentioned, Valrico drivers do not need electric car oil changes. However, they will need to keep tabs on brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant. 

  • Brake Fluid: Like any type of car, EVs feature brakes, meaning that you’ll need to ensure your brake system is properly lubricated in order to remain safe while driving. 
  • Transmission fluid: This fluid ensures that your gears move efficiently and are well preserved. Since your EV features a transmission, you’ll need to stay on top of transmission fluid changes. Consult your owner’s manual for specific intervals.
  • Coolant: The coolant in your radiator keeps your battery and vehicle systems from overheating. 

Electric Vehicle Parts 

Now that you know that electric vehicles don’t use oil and don’t need electric car oil changes, let’s take a look at the anatomy of EVs, so you can see how they differ from gas-powered vehicles. EVs use an electric motor, which converts an electrical current in your battery into motion. Torque is generated with magnets alongside the motor. The magnets create a magnetic field around the motor, and churn it. The electrical current that initiates this process is stored in your EV’s battery pack, which can be charged up at home or with Brandon public fast-chargers. Here are the most fundamental parts of your EVs power plant:

  • Charging ports: These are the external chargers you use to charge the battery of your vehicle. 
  • Traction motors: These turn your vehicle’s wheels.
  • Onboard charger: This charger is part of your vehicle and converts the external charge you receive from a charging port into DC power.
  • DC-DC converter: Used to convert high-voltage direct current (DC) power that comes from the battery into low-voltage DC power, which is what powers the vehicle
  • Battery: Your battery stores the electricity used to generate the motors in your vehicle. 
  • Thermal system: This system keeps your motors and electronic components from overheating.

Service Your EV at Stingray Chevrolet in Plant City

Now that you know that electric cars do not need oil, and that you don’t need an electric car oil change, if you think your vehicle is due for a brake fluid, transmission fluid, or coolant change, give us a call. Our phone number is (813) 704-2102 and our mechanics are more than equipped to service EVs. In the meantime, take a moment to explore our service tips for other helpful reads, including our overview of how often to have your tires rotated


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