What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

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What does liability insurance cover? Most states require drivers to have liability insurance on their vehicle as an added precaution. Stingray Chevrolet is here to provide a concise auto liability insurance definition for Plant City drivers. To put it simply, liability insurance provides bodily injury and property damage coverage to the other driver in the event of an accident where you are at fault. What does liability coverage pay for? Read on to find out what liability coverage consists of in the event you’re in a collision in the Lakeland area. You can also read up on hail insurance coverage options.

How Does Liability Insurance Work?

So, what does liability insurance cover? The bodily injury and property damage coverage provided by liability insurance have their own set limits. Each individual state dictates what the minimum limit must be and you, as a Valrico driver, have the option to increase that limit according to how much more you wish to pay. Read on to see the coverage that liability insurance provides: Bodily Injury:

  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Long-term nursing care if needed
  • Funeral expenses in the event of a fatal accident
  • Rehab
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost earnings

Property Damage

  • Repair expenses
  • Replacement parts
  • Vehicle damage
  • General property damage (house, personal property, etc.)
  • Pets

Keep in mind that the coverage offered is for the victim of the accident and not for the driver who is at fault. While liability coverage is often the minimum insurance protection you want, Brandon drivers should consider purchasing more coverage depending on their situation.

What Does Liability Coverage Pay For: Limits

How does liability insurance work? It is a good idea to review your coverage limit options with your Plant City area insurance agent to determine what will work best for you. The limits can be either split or consolidated into a single limit, there are a few differences here:

  • With a split limit you can select individual maximums for bodily injury payments per person, for all people injured, and for all property damage
  • With a single limit there is no total limit per person, so that the lump sum is spread across all those injured and all property damaged

Liability Insurance Coverage Information and More from Stingray Chevrolet

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