How Much Does a Corvette Cost?

November 23rd, 2018 by

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If you’re shopping for a new Corvette in the Lakeland area, you’ve probably asked yourself, “how much is a Corvette?.” The new Chevy Corvette is offered in a variety of models, with prices ranging from $55,495 to $139,995. Explore the available Corvette models and pricing, and stop by Stingray Chevrolet to test drive this outstanding performance machine today.

Corvette MSRP by Model/Trim

There are 4 models of the 2019 Corvette for Valrico drivers to choose from:

    • 1LT Coupe: $55,495, with ZLT Performance Package $61,590
    • 1LT Convertible: $60,590, with ZLT Performance Package $65,590
    • 2LT Coupe: $61,045, with ZLT Performance Package $66,045
    • 2LT Convertible: $65,045, with ZLT Performance Package $70,045
    • 3LT Coupe: $66,335, with ZLT Performance Package $71,335
    • 3LT Convertible: $70,335, with ZLT Performance Package $75,335
2019 stingray

    • 1LT Coupe – $66,590
    • 1LT Convertible – $70,590
    • 2LT Coupe – $71,045
    • 2LT Convertible – $75,045
    • 3 LT Coupe – $76,335
    • 3LT Convertible – $80,335
2019 Grand Sport

  • 2019 Corvette Z06
    • 1LZ Coupe – $80,590
    • 1LZ Convertible – $84,590
    • 2LZ Coupe – $84,155
    • 2LZ Convertible – $88,155
    • 3LZ Coupe – $89,535
    • 3LZ Convertible – $93,535
2019 z06

  • 2019 Corvette ZR1
    • 1ZR Coupe – $119,995
    • 1ZR Convertible – $129,995
    • 3ZR Coupe – $129,995
    • 3ZR Convertible – $139,995
2019 Zr1

Drive the New Corvette at Stingray Chevrolet

As you can see, Brandon area drivers have a wide variety of Corvette models to choose from, and the best way to make up your mind is to take this sports car out for a road test today. Here at Stingray Chevrolet we have a terrific new Corvette inventory and our dedicated sales team will be happy to provide you with all of the details regarding the performance specs and available accessories. Check out some recent reviews of the 2019 Corvette, and compare the Corvette Stingray to the Z06 and Grand Sport, before visiting our Chevy showroom at 2002 North Frontage Rd Plant City, FL 33563. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us online, or give us a call at (813) 359-5000.

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 is almost here! The eighth-generation model is set to debut on July 18, 2019. Reserve your 2020 Corvette today when you make a fully-refundable $500 deposit at Stingray Chevrolet.


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