Chevy Equinox Tire Pressure

a 2023 Chevrolet Equinox sitting in a parking lot

Keeping your Chevy Equinox tires at the recommended pressure is a maintenance essential for numerous reasons. So what is the correct Chevy Equinox tire pressure? The right psi, or pounds per square inch, for the Chevy Equinox, ranges from 30 to 35. This applies to the front and rear tires, with the exact number depending on your Chevy Equinox tire size and model. Learn more about the Equinox tire pressure with Stingray Chevrolet and contact us if your model needs maintenance! Our service team in Plant City is here to help you maintain your compact Chevy SUV. 



Why Tire Pressure Matters

Maintaining the correct tire pressure for any vehicle cannot be stressed enough, as it avoids premature wear and tear. It also reduces the risk of accidents and injuries on roads in Lakeland and the surrounding areas.

Underinflated tires make excessive contact with the road, causing untimely wear from friction and heat. Overheated tires can eventually blow out, which can result in minor to catastrophic accidents. The strain underinflated tires put on your vehicle means using more fuel; you’ll experience handling issues as well. 

Overinflated tires as just as detrimental to to your Equinox, as their center sections wear out quickly and the blowout risk while driving in Brandon or elsewhere is substantial. 

Chevy Equinox Tire Sizes

There are several Chevy Equinox tires for different model years and trim levels:

  • 235/65R16
  • 235/60R17
  • 225/65R17
  • 225/60R18
  • 235/55R18
  • 235/50R19
  • 235/55R19

Check what type of tires your model features and refer to your owner’s manual for the correct Chevy Equinox tire pressure. For example, if you drive a 2019 Equinox with 225/60R18 tires, the recommended psi is 35. 

Your Equinox probably includes a Chevy Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that tells you when the psi is too low or too high. Rely on this system to keep your tires at the right pressure and have it inspected as part of routine maintenance. A faulty tire monitoring system can mean driving in Brandon with the incorrect tire pressure, increasing your accident risk. 

Schedule Chevy Equinox Maintenance Services Today

If your Chevy Equinox tires need air, rotation services, or anything else, rely on our service center! Call (813) 704-2102 or use our online service scheduler today to make an appointment. For more helpful reads, learn whether gap insurance is worth it, and check out our Chevy Equinox gas mileage tips


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