Can You Lease a Car with Bad Credit?

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If your credit has taken a hit but you still need a new car in Lakeland, you’re probably asking yourself, “Can I finance a car with no credit?” Financing for a new or used car will be difficult with bad credit. However, leasing is a viable option because the approval process is less strict and the interest rates and monthly payments are typically lower than if you were to buy a car. Make sure to access you finances and bring ample evidence of your ability to pay before stopping into our financing office.

Is it Easier to Lease a Car with Bad Credit?

Now that you know the answer to, “Can I lease a car with bad credit,” here’s the next question: “Is it easier to lease a car with bad credit?” It is! Here’s how it’s easier to lease a car with bad credit:

  • Car leasing can cost less money upfront.
  • Car leasing is often a more flexible option than getting a traditional auto loan.
  • You’ll pay less in sales tax in Valrico.

To make it even easier to lease a new car with bad credit, show how responsible and stable you are by bringing proof of your income like pay stubs, proof of address, and your car insurance card.

How to Improve Your Credit

It’s never too late to give your credit score a boost, and if you lease a new car with bad credit, it will provide you with opportunities to improve your credit score:

  • Make lease payments on time and communicate with your leasing agent if you can’t.
  • Don’t get discouraged. Assess your credit score and discover how it was damaged. Then, make a repayment plan for your debts.
  • If you’ve been rebuilding credit, your credit score might still be low, but your recent prompt lease payment history looks very good on your credit report.
  • If leasing isn’t an option, consider a loan for an affordable used car instead of a new car. Used car loan rates are a few percentage points lower than new cars.

Our finance department offers other tips on how to improve your credit score.

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Let Stingray Chevrolet Help You Buy Your New Chevy

Now that you’ve answered, “Can I lease a car with bad credit in Brandon,” you can better understand what to expect when you walk into our finance department. Don’t break a sweat over your credit score, because you have plenty of opportunities to improve it.  Once you’ve gotten better credit, learn how to get a cosigner off your contract, and more with our car buying tips and tricks.

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